What’s happening on the farm

What’s happening on the farm

Its February but it’s 70 degrees outside! I feel confused so I’m sure the plant world does as well.  This winter has been exceptionally warm here in NC. A few weeks ago I was rushing to get a heater for our greenhouse so we could start sowing seeds and get a little jump start on the season. Now with it being so warm out I’m feeling like I need to hurry up and get my fans ordered and set up in the greenhouse so I can keep it cool! I’m sure the temperature will continue to go up and down for a few more weeks until it just stays up. Let’s hope for more rain this year! Last weekend we installed water hydrants through out our fields, making irrigation much more accessible for us. I am excited to only have to wrestle about half the amount of hoses this year! Our greenhouse is filling up fast with seedlings with many more to come. We’ve been following the bio dynamic calendar as we sow our seeds. Last year the plants showed exceptional growth by doing this. We will continue to update what’s happening on the farm as the season grows!  

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  1. Teresa Griffin says:

    This is awesome!!!! Glad you are living your dream and proud to know that this is happening right here in our lovely mountain community!!!

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