Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to our new site!

Happy new year! We are so excited to get this season started!

This year we are excited to continue to provide the Asheville, NC area with fresh and dried medicinal herbs for your medicine making needs! Our goal this year is to continue to provide the WNC area with strong, potent, high quality plants, flowers, roots and aerial parts of these medicinal herbs. We are excited to be your allies within your alternative healing process or medicine making for your natural remedies. We believe that these herbal medicines are more potent given that they only travel a short distance from the farm to your tea cup or medicine jar. Also these herbs being grown on a small farm allows us to build a very personal relationship with each medicinal herb. Our practices are all natural, sustainable and organic, we do not use harmful chemicals to fertilize or spray pesticides. Our medicinal herbs are chemical free!

I will soon be posting a list of medicinal herbs we expect to grow and harvest this year.

Happy Imbolc!


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