Our Story

We have dreamed of having a medicinal herb farm for a long time. We finally did it! 2016 was our first year producing herbs. We have been farming for many years growing organic food on many different farms. For the last few years I have had the dream of growing my own herbal medicine and sharing it with our community. It has taken a lot of processing and planning to get to where we are. Step one, was finding land to farm on that we could afford. Spring of 2015 we bought this farm. We are excited to learn and grow here. Though as many farmers know starting out on an old farm takes many years to get going. We are excited to provide the areas around Marshall, NC with high quality locally grown medicinal herbs. Starting out as an herbalist a few years ago there was not a medicinal herb farm selling herbs locally. So I had to order herbs from across the country to fulfill my needs of making medicine. Which seems so silly when most of these medicinal herbs grow great in this area. I also knew how much more potent medicinal herbs were if sourced within your region. Within these thoughts became a dream. Now, here we are; learning about and growing these medicinal friends and we are now ready to provide our area with strong, loved, potent, fresh and dried herbs for your medicine making needs.